COVID Policy

Since we last ran Canberräng in 2019, the world has changed quite dramatically.

As organisers, we want to do our best to ensure every team member, student or visitor feels safe while attending our events. However, dancers considering attending Canberräng must understand that despite measures taken to mitigate transmission risk, like all events and gatherings at this time, there is a possibility of COVID-19 transmission.  

Our COVID-19 Plan is in line with our values and is aligned with safe work practices and guidelines as outlined by ACT Health.

Below is a summary of our plan for different measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 at this event. Please make sure you read this carefully before registering for or attending this event – and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us directly at Please note that this Plan is subject to change and will be updated accordingly to reflect changing circumstances, and will continue to align with any COVID-19 restrictions implemented by the ACT Government.

Rules (non-negotiable)

Attendees with COVID-19
It goes without saying, but if you are in isolation with COVID-19, you must not attend Canberräng.
Dancers who have evidence of a positive COVID-19 test result in the week leading up to the event will be eligible for a full refund – refer to our refund policy for further details.
Close and household contacts
If you have had close contact, or live with/have lived, with someone with COVID-19 in the 7 days prior to the event, you must not attend Canberräng.
Attendees with COVID-19 symptoms

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 on any of the days of the event, you must not attend.
If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during a Canberräng event, you will need to leave immediately, and we strongly encourage you to take a COVID-19 test. Please let us know if you need to leave during an event due to illness to aid in our monitoring.
You cannot return to the event until your symptoms have gone.
Symptoms of COVID-19 include but are not limited to:
–          Fever or chills
–          Cough
–          Sore throat
–          Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
–          New loss of smell or taste
–          Runny or blocked nose.
If you are unwell due to COVID-19 leading up to or during the event, you can transfer your pass to another dancer – more details are in our Refund Policy. Please email to notify us.
Hand hygiene
You must maintain good hand hygiene during this event.
This means washing your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap. We will also provide hand sanitiser at the event for your use, and recommend that you wash your hands or use hand sanitiser after dancing with a partner.
Water bottles
Please bring your own water bottle and do not share this with others during the event.

Recommended measures for all attendees

In line with ACT policy, there is no minimum vaccination requirement to attend this event.

We strongly encourage all attendees to have received at least a primary course of a TGA-recognised COVID-19 vaccine prior to attendance.
Face masks

While we will not be enforcing mask wearing, we encourage attendees to wear them during the event.
If you choose to wear a mask, remember to wash your hands before and after wearing your mask, wear it securely over your nose and mouth and do not touch your mask except by the ear loops. If your mask becomes damp, it will be less effective – you should dispose of it and wear a new one. Please dispose of your face masks directly into the bin.

Surgical masks will be available during the event free of charge.
Pre event testing is not required; however, we recommend that attendees take a COVID-19 test in the 48 hours leading up to the event if they are able to do so.
COVID-19 reporting
If you test positive to COVID-19 during or after the event, we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know as soon as possible so we can update attendees to take the actions they feel appropriate. No names will be used.
We strongly encourage attendees to buy tickets online in advance.
A small number of tickets may be available at the door; however, payment will be contactless only (cash not accepted).

Attendees with pre purchased tickets will be able to check in to each event quickly and contactless via electronic key tags.
COVID Marshals
Every event will have at least one designated COVID Marshal, who will be made known by the MCs.

The COVID Marshal/s will ensure that high touch surfaces are cleaned, sanitiser is stocked and available, masks are available and that breakout areas are clean and spaced appropriately.
Talk to the COVID Marshal if you have any questions about COVID-19 measures during the event.
Outside the event
We recommend you be conscious of activities that may increase the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the days leading up to the event by:
– Practicing good hand hygiene
– Avoiding non-essential public gatherings
– Wearing face masks in indoor spaces outside your home where feasible, including during travel to the event where travelling by public transport