What is Canberräng?

Canberräng is Canberra’s annual festival of swing and runs over four nights. Canberräng is presented by Jumptown Swing and attracts dancers from across Australia and abroad. Along with social dancing, Canberräng features local and interstate musicians, performances, balls and more, all held in some of Canberra’s best venues.

The name Canberräng is based on the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden, which is the world’s largest annual swing and jazz dance camp. Herräng focuses on African American jazz dances such as Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Blues.  If you can’t get to Herräng then come to Australia’s own swing dance festival, Canberräng!

What Can I Do and See at Canberräng?

Free Public Events

Throughout the Canberräng festival we dance all over Canberra.  You can come along and watch us dance or even join in if you know a little swing dancing.  Our free public events are held at  Garema Place and Kingston Old Bus Depot Markets.

Themed Saturday Evening Ball

The themed Saturday Evening Ball is the highlight of the Canberräng festival.  You can come along and enjoy the colour and spectacle of listening to live jazz music whilst watching the dancers kick up a storm in a classic venue. Or you can find a partner and have a dance!

Plus Heaps of Other Events

Canberräng is jam packed with dancing and music at a total of ten spectacular locations! There are two balls, two after parties, a winery visit, public dances (lindy bombs) and so much more to experience.  You’ll need a weekend to get over your weekend!

Do I Need to Dress Up?

No, we have no dress code or fancy dress competitions so there’s no need to wear anything other than your favourite dance gear! Events on Thursday and Sunday are always quite relaxed and jeans won’t be out of place. Traditionally, the Friday and Saturday night balls are a bit dressier and many people enjoy the chance to put on their finer frocks and snazzy suits but casual clothes are perfectly fine too.

Canberräng always has a unique theme and in this our fifteenth year the theme is a vintage around the world extravaganza – with a bit of a steampunk flavour! So whatever clothes you would throw in a bag before you clamber aboard a flying machine will be fine! While it’ll be great to have some steampunk aviators attend our Saturday afternoon event at the Shine Dome, and to see some masks at our masquerade ball on Saturday evening, we understand that costumes are not the easiest thing to arrange, especially when you’re travelling from interstate. If you’d like to get into the theme and you have the perfect outfit that you can’t wait to show off then go for it but the important thing is for you to come along, have fun, enjoy the music and have lots of wonderful social dances!

I’m Not a Dancer

Why not learn?  Jumptown offers beginner courses and there’s plenty of time to get enough dancing skill to come along and have a great time at Canberräng.

Swing Dance Exchanges

A swing dance exchange, also known as a lindy exchange, is a gathering of swing dancers (lindy hop dancers) in a city for several days. Swing dancing is primarily a social dance and exchanges encourage the local and wider swing dance community to get together, travel and experience the different dance styles, venues, music and more of the local host city. Canberräng is one of Australia’s premier swing dance exchanges and in 2017 we are celebrating our 15th year!

Help, I’ve Lost Something!

If you have misplaced or left something behind at one of our events, don’t panic, we’ll do our best to reunite you with your belongings. In the first instance, please check at the event registration desk, as they have the Lost Property Box where we gather items that have been separated from their owners. You should also check the Canberräng 2017 Facebook event page, as we’ll post photos and descriptions of items found there. If you want to talk to someone about this, please ask for our event captains, Veronica and Liam, at the registration desk, or ring them on the mobile numbers shown on the Contact page on the website.

Code of Conduct – Safe Space

Canberräng is committed to creating a safe space for all guests and dancers at all of our events. Please respect our Code of Conduct.

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, we are here to listen to you and support you. Please contact Canberräng staff and ask to speak to the Safe Spaces Officer, Liam Honer. If the Safe Spaces Officer is unavailable at that moment, please ask for Canberräng Organiser, Veronica Webster.

What will happen if I talk to the Safe Spaces Officer?

  • The conversation can be anything from an informal chat to writing up an incident report of happened.
  • You can always bring a friend or a support person with you.
  • We will ask you details about what happened and who was involved.
  • We will decide whether there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct.
  • We will discuss with you different resolutions. This could include strategies to approach or address the behaviour, a talk or an intervention by the Safe Spaces Officer, or asking someone to leave the event.
  • There may be some interventions where you can remain anonymous, but in other interventions we may need to give your account of what happened. We will always make sure we have your consent before passing on identifying information.

Canberräng would like to acknowledge 1929 Studios for the ‘What will happen…’ text.